Friday, April 22, 2011

Cafe Rio Lunch Date

There really is nothing better to do during the day while your kids are in school than getting together with a bunch of really great women who have each brought a piece of a FABULOUS Cafe Rio style lunch! Really . . . nothing better!
Our Menu:
black & pinto beans
lime wedges
and of course some dinosaur chicken nuggets for the kids.
A few of the many adorable kiddos.
Maria, Andrea, & Emily
Rachel, Megan & Holly
Andrea is ahhmazing. Really. She planned an easter egg hunt, and balloons for the trampoline for our kids. They had a ball!

Rachel, Lyric, & Ambyr
Emily, Megan, Jennifer, & Maria enjoying the fanTAStic food!
Ambyr & Holly
All of the kids with their baskets FULL of goodies.
And our cute birthday girl, Rachel blowing out her candles. We LOVE you!! Happy Birthday!!


  1. LOVE it Lyric!! This will be so awesome to print off when we get a bunch of recipes together. AND it will have fun pics of all my beautiful friends!

  2. PS- Love you guys too :) Thanks for the yummy food & fantastic desserts!

  3. Oh my heck!!! THis is awesome! Go Lyric!! And go you girls that made the awesome yummy food. (Now I'm embarrassed I bought the dessert.) Next time I'll cook too!

  4. hmmm thinking we need to have this one again!!!